How to order a pedicab ?

1. Register

You can register with your phone number, your Facebook login or Google account

2. Use searchbar or recommandations

You can enter your destination in the searchbar or look at our recommandations

3. Pay safely

Stripe is taking care of your transaction. 
You have 3 minutes or until the rider joined you to cancel

4. Wait for your rider

A rider will shortly answer to your request and come pick you up at the designated location

5. Enjoy your ride !

Depending on the service you selected, your rider will interact with you to give you the best experience exploring the city. Leave him a nice message !

Ecological transportation

We make sure each rider and vehicle which joins our platform has his qualifications checked, verified and documented by our staff.

Our taxi service starts from 10€


Secured payment solution with Stripe

Stripe is the leading provider for payment solutions worldwide. Stripe is known for its customization possibilities and reliability, just what we needed !

Seat back and relax, our system will make sure everything will go smooth.

Gemma Pell tours

From 30 minutes to a whole day, discover this service here 

discover our tours

Get recommandations

Finding new places can be challenging, let us take care of it for you ! We dig special places like no others you will not regret to visit.

Restaurants, shops with unique products, etc.

We invite guest editors and celebrities to pick special selections every month. Check often to find your gems !

Spread the word, 
get discounts !

Refer to 3 of your friends... if they install the app you get a discount on your next trip !

More offers with 
our Partners

Gemma Pell establish a list of unique establishments in Paris worth a tour. You can find their special offers in the app !

Our special offers are available thanks to our partners. We encourage you to benefit from it.The final explanations of the offers are owned by the partner establishments .

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