Paris' hidden gems

If it's not your first visit in Paris, make some time to visit these hidden places that only parisians know ! It's close to be a secret, our hidden garden !

The easiest way to go there is with a guide ! Book our riders here !

1. Market open since 1615

In the upper area of Le marais, there is a market where you can also find restaurants for a quick lunch with locals. It's colorful and delightful !

Le marais is known to be a colofur neighbourhood with a lot of charms. Narrow streets full of shops and galleries around. Vibrant atmosphere ! Ask for a tour in the area !

2. Secret garden in a museum

Close to Montmartre there is a special museum where you can learn everything about "L'amour à la française" (the french way of loving). Between the buildings, you will find a cafeteria 100% charming. 
Very authentic, you can sit by the greenhouse or under the trees and enjoy a nice cup of coffee (or tea) !

3. Railroad station converted in a community space

This hybrid palce is in the North of Paris in a more popular area of the town. It will be on the way to an other secret location on this page.

The old railroad station (and its rails) has been converted to a community space where you can have a drink, a meal, a concert, workshops, etc. It's a place to meet the young and green energy of Paris !

4. An other secret garden in a museum (with a view)

Close to Invalides, you can visit a museum famous for its garden. What people knows less is that you can enjoy a drink with a view, and the entrance is free under 26 y. old !

5. Saint Ouen antics & flea market

This one is pretty far away but it needs to be mentionned. In this flea market you can find anything and everything. You get a pretty neat side with shops that sells premium antiques and arts from all eras and a more rough area where you can find clothes and trinkets. 

It's big, it's wild to see and you can litteraly spend a day in it.

6. Hidden garden in Le marais

Behind a door in Le marais, you can find an isolated garden where all the noise from the city is blocked. 
We would recommend to end a tour there to enjoy a little of zen before heading back to your activities !

7. Greenhouse inside Paris XVI

These greenhouses will transport you through the time : imagine being a parisian visitor from the 19th entering this space full of exotic plants. The scenery is meticulously prepared and you should really get a stop there.

8. Cosy place in Ile de la Cité

Next to Pont Neuf there is a little place under the trees where the locals play ball games. It's very french looking, authentic and calm. The surroundings are perfect for some instagram action !

9. Doll theater in Paris XVI 

"Guignol" is a french famous doll that still have its own show in the 16th district. If you want to experience the french humor and entertain your young soul, you should head there.

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